• Remote Desktops Hosted on Amazon EC2 Cloud

    Remote Desktops Hosted on Amazon EC2® Cloud

    • For employees that work outside the office
    • Easy and secure access to apps and files
    • Less time spent on provisioning and supporting
    • Backup plan in case of unforeseen disasters
    • Mobile access, flexibility, and security
    • No large up-front costs; NO CAPEX
    • A predictable operating expense model
    • Manage desktops from one place
    • IT as a Service for SMEs
  • Remote Desktop Services

    Remote Desktop Services in the Cloud

    • Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device
    • Hosted Shared and Hosted Virtual Desktops
    • Inexpensive and Hassle-Free
    • Secure and Reliable
    • Extremely Easy to Manage
    • Web Access via a Browser
    • Pay as you compute
    • Remote Desktops as a Service
  • VDI/RDS Made Extremely Easy

    VDI/RDS Made Easy

    • Very Simple Alternative to In-House-VDI/RDS
    • Access Windows Applications on Mobile Devices
    • Provide Desktops for Classroom Applications
    • NO Complicated Infrastructure to manage
    • Manage Desktops for Seasonal or Contractor Workforces
    • A simple control panel to manage desktops
    • Access from any device

Access your desktop and apps Anywhere, Anytime, and with Any Device

Hosted Virtual Desktop

Wherever you are located, just pick the closest Amazon EC2® cloud region to your location and start using your own persistent virtual desktop from any device in minutes.

Hosted Shared Desktop

Let your users access to your applications with one-time use desktop built from a customized master image and let us handle the rest.

Bring Your Own Device

You can adapt "Bring your own device (BYOD)" policy and your employees can access corporate resources via remote desktop services without the complexity of in-house VDI/RDS .

Web Desktop

The integrated HTML5 RDP client makes Remote Desktops accessible from almost any end-point device with internet connectivity including laptops, PCs, thin clients, mobile devices.